Endocrine System Disorders

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Endocrine System Disorders by Mind Map: Endocrine System Disorders

1. Causes

1.1. too much or too little hormone produced

1.1.1. this always needs to be corrected to restore homeostasis

2. DM2

2.1. caused by lifestyle meaning obesity.

2.1.1. some insulin produced. cells can't respond to the insulin: insulin resistance. results in higher blood sugars

3. DM1

3.1. what: most common disorder of endocirine gland. born with or diagnosed at a young age. cells that produce insulin are destroyed.

3.1.1. regular/daily insulin administration blood sugar monitoring: hypoglycemia (caused by too much insulin and not enough food intake). Hyperglycemia: caused by too little insulin and too much food. diet: nutritious. Carb Controlled or diabetic diet.

4. Hyperthyroidism

4.1. too much thyroxine

4.1.1. s/sx: always hungry, weight loss, irregular heartbeat, inability to sleep, confusion, irritable, sweating, intolerance to heat/.

5. treated with medication (thyroxin in the form of a pill). They need to take it everyday to feel better and reduce their symptoms.

5.1. treated with surgery or radiation

6. Hypothyroidism

6.1. not enough thyroid hormone

7. s/sx: fatigue, weakness, depression, anorexia, weight gain, constipation, intolerance to cold.