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Exploration by Mind Map: Exploration

1. Christopher Columbus (1451-1506)

1.1. -In 1472, with the help of King Ferdinand from Spain, Christopher Columbus and 120 crew members sailed to discover a whole new world.

1.2. -Columbus explores Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti.

1.3. -Discover the land of South America in the third sail and discover Trinidad, Tobago and Grenada.

1.4. -His last trip was in 1502, where he went to Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras.

2. Ibn Battuda (1304-1369)

2.1. -Ibn Battuda is considered the greatest traveler in history.

2.2. -Ibn Battuda is considered the greatest traveler in history.

2.3. -During the mid-14th century, he explored both Spain and Africa.

3. Amerigo Vespucci (1454-1512)

3.1. -The country “America”, today, gets its name from one of the greatest explorers of all time, Amerigo Vespucci.

3.2. -He discovered two famous cities today, Rio-de-Janerio and Rio de la Plata.

3.3. -In 1500, he also discovered the mouth of the Amazon River.

3.4. -Wanderlust in his travel, the passion behind his journey brought to a new continent named America America after the name Asia, Europe and Africa.

4. Ferdinand Magellan (1480-1521)

4.1. -He was born in Portugal but then he gave up his nationality and naturalization in Spain.

4.2. -The first captain to make a trip go around of the would.

4.3. -Magellan's 1519-1522 voyage went down in history as the first human voyage from the Atlantic to the Pacific.