Celebrations in Ecuador

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Celebrations in Ecuador by Mind Map: Celebrations in Ecuador

1. La Mama Negra, known as Santísima Tragedia is a traditional festival typical of the city of Latacunga, a symbiosis of indigenous, Spanish and African cultures in which its inhabitants pay homage to the Virgin of Las Mercedes as a demonstration of appreciation for the favors granted.

2. Inti Raymi or Fiesta del Sol is an ancient celebration of the Inca indigenous people, with capital in Cuzco in the Republic of Peru, but which extends into the territories of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, the Republic of Chile, the Republic of Colombia and the Republic of Ecuador.

3. The Devil of Píllaro. A tradition of more than 100 years that represents the indigenous and mestizo protest against the exploitation and oppression of the Catholic Church during the colonial era in Ecuador.

4. Carnival is the greatest festival of Guaranda as well as of the different cantons of Bolívar, their parishes and communities, it is the result of religious, cultural and social syncretism derived from resistance and the adaptation of cultural manifestations to those imposed by the colonial era .

5. The Rodeo Montubio is one of the few traditions that are preserved on the Coast and that allows the man of the country to know their customs, their expertise and joy. It is the moment most awaited by the montubio. It's your party. The opportunity to show off your dexterity and ability to ride or lasso a chícaro steed.