Fluffy's Dog House

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Fluffy's Dog House by Mind Map: Fluffy's Dog House

1. Planning

1.1. Develop scope of of project

1.2. Communicate with team members on objectives

1.3. Communicate with customer on requested proposal and desired outcome

2. Organizing

2.1. Allocate a budget

2.2. Organize a team to construct the dog house

2.3. Align customer desired goals with project goals

2.4. Make team aware of deadlines and baselines needed to be met throughout project

3. Deliverables

3.1. Client will receive SOW prior to kick off of project

3.2. Progress reports will be sent to client daily

3.3. Final report will be sent to client when project completion is nearing

3.4. Finally, client will receive their request on or before the deadline

4. Materials

4.1. Lumber

4.2. Siding & Shingles

4.3. Doggy door

4.4. Tools

4.5. Funds

4.6. People

4.7. Paint