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Masseeh by Mind Map: Masseeh

1. Country Someone who is from Afghanistan I do feel a great deal of loss and hopelessness especially with the recent situation that has happened in the country. Never being able to go back again and the uncertainty of your people is very heartbreaking. Not being able to help in anyway gives you a greater sense of loss

2. Religion I do value religion as a very important aspect of my life. Someone who wasn't very practicing and now is I do find a great deal of peace in Islam.

3. Hobbies I have many hobbies but recently picked up gardening as I find it really relaxing and rewarding. With Covid its been hard going back to the basketball court.I've also found a great deal of appreciation for fragrances and starting to learn more about the world of fragrances and collecting them.

4. Immigrant Coming from an immigrant family I value the hard work my parents did to get us to where we are now. Also the hard work that they did to provide us with food and the work I did myself to get where I am. I find myself very grateful for the many things I have. From freedom to access to healthcare and education I find myself very grateful for these things. Many people unfortunately don't have these rights and its upsets me for the people that do and don't value it. I want to bring change in a positive way one day so that everyone can experience it.

5. Language I speak pashto and farsi as the two languages and also english. These languages help me connect with my family and friends.

6. Future RN Nursing was always something that I wanted to do in my life. I want to continue to becoming a long life learner and expand my knowledge in this field. I also want to use this career to help people back in Afghanistan one day.