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1. Genre based approach is defined as a framework for language instruction based on example of a particular genre, which is known as text based instruction, and also a methodology which is designed to support language learning as a social process.

2. Characteristics of The Genre Based Approach

2.1. The genre-based approach emphasizes the importance of exploring the social and cultural context of language use on a piece of writing

2.2. That approach highlights the magnitude of the readers and the linguistic conventions that a piece of writing needs to follow in order to be successfully accepted by its readership

2.3. It underscores that writing is a social activity

2.4. A genre-based approach to writing instruction looks beyond subject content, composing processes and linguistic forms to see a text as attempts to communicate with readers.

2.5. That approach emphasizes the important role of writer-reader interaction on a piece of writing

2.6. The teacher’s role in this approach is viewed as authoritative rather than authoritarian

2.7. The genre-based approach emphasizes the explicit teaching of the linguistic conventions of the genre for second language novice student writers

3. The Advantages of a Genre Based Approach

3.1. Explicit

3.1.1. It makes clear what is to be learned to facilitate the acquisition of writing skills

3.2. Systematic

3.2.1. It provides a coherent framework for focusing on both language and contexts

3.3. Needs-based

3.3.1. It ensures that course objectives and content are derived from student needs

3.4. Supportive

3.4.1. It gives teacher a central role in scaffolding student learning and creativity

3.5. Empowering

3.5.1. It provides access to the patterns and possibilities of variation in value texts

3.6. Critical

3.6.1. It provides the resources for students to understand and challenge valued discourses

3.7. Consciousness raising

3.7.1. It increases teacher awareness of texts and confidently advise students on their writing