Скрипт IEF 2021

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Скрипт IEF 2021 by Mind Map: Скрипт IEF 2021

1. How are you? Its me, Indirah. I've called you regarding IEF 2021

2. IEF is the biggest Education fair in Central Asia

3. REPRESENTATIVE Conversation

3.1. My name is Indirah from Bolashaq Fund. Probably you have heard about Bolashaq fund. We organize biggest education fair in Central Asia.

3.1.1. We have launched our own IT EdThech platform this year. We would like to invite you to participate online exhibition as well as offline one. Online fair will cover Central Asian countries. Are You currently interested in a big flow of international students? PAUSE


4.1. According to COVID the number of prospective students went down. Kazakh students facing for the first time online education experience and not ready and interested in online education yet. Somehow we are expecting bigger amount of students next year, as most of the countries are opening their borders. FACT: We have sent to Lithuania 10 students this year.

4.1.1. The purpose of IEF is to снять возражения страхи поступления зарубеж (Эрасмус)


5.1. Introduction: My name is Indirah Wahap, I'm calling from Worldwide Education Fair Bolashaq.

5.1.1. May I know Your name? How should I call you? How should I refer You? Could you please connect me to International/marketing department. I would like to talk to responsible university representative.


6.1. We are promoting you. However IEF is a booster to make your University interesting to enter.