Explicit Instruction

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Explicit Instruction by Mind Map: Explicit Instruction

1. Provide Elaborated Feedback

1.1. Provide elaborated feedback that is immediate, postive and corrective throughout

2. Engage in Scaffolded Practice (We Do and You Do)

2.1. Guide Practice with feedback

2.2. Check on understanding and use of skills

2.3. Engage in short practice exercises with feedback

2.4. Implement cooperative learning practices when appropriate

2.5. Engage in scaffolded practice (you do)

2.5.1. Guide Practice with feedback

3. Provide Clear Explanations

3.1. Introduce the strategy and its steps

3.2. Guide Practice with feedback

3.3. Make sure the student has notes aobut the new strategy

3.4. Discuss rationale

3.5. Use learner-friendly language

4. Model the Learning Process (I DO)

4.1. Model the skill-correctly, clearly, concisely

4.2. Model using think-aloud