The Fool

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The Fool by Mind Map: The Fool

1. 0 Universal Celtic

1.1. A leprechaun walking on a rainbow carrying a mushroom on his shoulder. It represents a carefree spirit, the of life that makes us follow a path bordering on the risk of a fall, but that will give us that touch of madness which will add spice to our every day life

2. 1

3. 2 traditional Rider Waite

3.1. Folly, mania, extravagance, intoxication,delirium, frenzy, bewrayment. Reverse:negligence, absence,distribution,carelessness, apathy,nullify,vanity.

4. 3 The witches tarot

5. 4 After tarot deck

6. 5 Thoth Tarot

6.1. In spiritual matters, represent ideas and thoughts, which endeavor to transcend earth. In material matters, reveals folly, eccentricity, even mania. It represent a sudden, unexpected impulse

6.1.1. The 22 trumps

6.1.2. The fool is air or vacuum or puissant innocence. He golds the male element of fire, the female element water, the sword of air, and the disc of earth. He is the green man of spring, the great fool of the celts, Daluah and Parsifal. He is also Zeus Arrhenothelus, Dionysus Zagreus, Bacchus Diphues and Baphomet

7. 6 Deviant moon

8. 7 The before tarot

9. 8 Pagan tarot

10. 9

11. 10

12. 11 The psychic tarot

12.1. The need for balance and harmony with inner life, and physical surrounding. This denotes that some lifestyle adjustment are required. It could be associated with love, relationships, business or even carrier.

13. 12 Tarot of Mermaids

13.1. Eccentricity, unpredictability, psychological instability, desire to sidestep the rules, to escape from every day routine, as well as multiple professional skills, tendency towards sexual freedom and erotic quirks, opportunism, willingness to be at the center of attention. Ambiguity

14. 13 Golden Art Nouveau

14.1. Embarks upon the journey of life with a light heart and a spirit free of expectation. Every adventure he encounters along the path has the potential for joy/ His faithful dog tries to warn him away from the cliff’s edge, but he is heedless of the danger.His very innocence may keep him from harm

15. 14

16. 15

17. 16 The green witch tarot

18. 17 The starman

18.1. The Sacred Clown

18.2. I laugh at the game of life

18.3. The primordial energy of nature is beyond good and evil, right and wrong, so ultimately you have nothing to lose. The contrarian, arrives to shock and shake you out of what you think is true. Risk the sting and bite of life to experience its true wonder. Live into the radically exciting potential of each moment.

18.4. Reversed : spoiling things, causing upset and distress. Life is pointless, everything is sham.

19. 18 Aquarian Tarot

19.1. Positive inner forces which influence an individual in his choice

19.2. Reverse: cramped vision, fear of change, stagantion

20. 19 Ethereal vision illuminated tarot

20.1. The spirit of innocence in all of us as we birth or death. New beginning where we are free to be creative, have boundless faith, and freely embrace opportunity

20.2. Upright: potential, new beginnings, opportunity, adventure

20.3. Reverse: carelessness, negligence, uncertainty, apathy

20.4. Uranus

21. 20 the fairy tale printed

22. 21