Native American Genocide

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Native American Genocide by Mind Map: Native American Genocide

1. History of Native Americans

1.1. Goes with who we were

1.2. Overview of things that have happened to us

1.3. How scientist explain our placement in the Americas

1.4. Our Stories

2. Pilgrims and Indians, Christopher Columbus

2.1. White people stole and lied

2.2. Left us for dead

2.3. Columbus never even stepped foot in America

2.4. Treated as less than Human

2.5. We fought with them

2.6. History Books are wrong

3. Residential Schools

3.1. Cultural Genocide

3.2. Not Allowed to Speak Indig. Language

3.3. Forced to Cut Hair Which is Sacred to Us

3.4. Abuse: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Sexual

3.5. Churches Refuse to Take Responsibility

3.6. Stolen Children

3.7. How It Affects Us Today

4. The Past Fifty Years

4.1. Just recently allowed to practice cultural ceremonies

4.2. Many trying to replenish/restore the language and culture

4.3. Elders passing means losing our knowledge

4.4. Historical Trauma

4.5. Bringing Awareness to our Issues

4.6. Tribal Council/ How things are run now

5. Who Were We

5.1. Our Culture/ How it differs from white culture

5.2. Ceremonies

5.3. Gender roles/ Norms

5.4. Stereotypes debunked

6. Heartache/ Laws Against Us

6.1. U.S. trying to bribe us

6.2. Reservations

6.3. Cultural Laws

6.4. Tried eradicating us "Kill the Indian Save the Man"

7. Land Back

7.1. Trying to get back land that was wrongfully taken from us

7.2. Reservations Pros/Cons

7.3. Trail of Tears


8.1. Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

8.2. Our women go missing or are murdered and the government doesn't care.