How do people comprehend text?

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How do people comprehend text? by Mind Map: How do people comprehend text?

1. Personal Dimension

1.1. How can you turn interest into motivation?

1.1.1. When students have an interest in the topic they will whole-heartedly want to learn about the topic.

1.1.2. Strategies to help create motivation for reading a text. Connect outside with inside school literacies. *Make an abundance of interesting text available to students! Expand choices and options Structure collaboration for motivation

1.2. What does the reader want to know after reading the text?

1.2.1. Double-entry and Triple-entry Metacognitive Journal

1.3. Why is this important to the reader?

1.3.1. Discussion Web

2. Cognitive Dimension

2.1. What does the reader already know?

2.2. You as teachers need to make sure that students already know the basics they are about to read or teach them what they need to know before giving them a text to read.

2.2.1. Strategies to use for before reading comprehension. Listen, Read, discuss Know, Want to know, Learned (KWL) Preplanning: Worksheets, vocabulary, structure going into the text Levels of vocabulary: Level1- Critical before words. Level 2- "Foot in the Door Words. Level 3- Critical after words. Level 4- Words not to teach

2.2.2. Metacognitive Bookmark

3. Textual Dimension

3.1. How is the text set organized?

3.2. How to break down the text to understand it.

3.2.1. Strategies for during reading comprehension. Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR) Click-and-clunk Reciprocal Teaching

4. Social Dimension

4.1. How does it relate to the world around them?

4.2. Working with others around them to understand readings.

4.2.1. Strategies that help students work together to understand text. Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS) Reciprocal questioning Question the Author Talking to the text Collaborative Reasoning Think Alouds