Cultural Anthropology

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Cultural Anthropology by Mind Map: Cultural Anthropology

1. Ch. 1: Anthro in a Global Age

1.1. Anthropology: The study of the full scope of human diversity, past and present, and the application of the knowledge to help people of different backgrounds better understand one another.

1.2. Physical Anthropology

1.3. Paleoanthropology

1.4. Primatology

1.5. Archaeology/Pre-/Historic

1.6. Linguistic Anthropology

1.7. Globalization/Migration

2. Ch. 2: Culture

2.1. Culture: A system of knowledge, beliefs, patterns of behavior, artifacts, and institutions that are created, learned, shared and contested by a group of people.

2.2. Norms

2.3. Symbols

2.4. Values

2.5. Stratification

3. Ch. 5: Human Origins

3.1. Deep Time: A framework for considering the span of human history within the much larger age of the universe and planet Earth.

3.2. Theory of Evolution/Creationism

3.3. "Survival of the Fittest"

3.4. Genetic Drift: Random, unpredictable changes in the gene frequencies in a popl. from one gen to the next...