Computer Input and Output Devices

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Computer Input and Output Devices by Mind Map: Computer Input and Output Devices

1. Printers aid by providing hands on material and worksheets

2. Printer

3. Speakers are used to hear videos, music and can be used to reveal information for the visually impaired

4. Speakers

5. Monitor

6. Monitors present an immediate view of information gathered and the print can be enlarged to help the visually impaired.

7. Computer microphone van be used to narrate powerpoint presentation, speak in real time

8. Keyboard

9. Computer Microphone

10. Webcam

11. Keyboards are the primary source if input and can facilitate speaking for those with a speech impairment with a talking program

12. Webcams can be used to record step by step instructions and create videos

13. Input Devices

14. Output Devices

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16. The Challenges are primarily the cost of equipment and the training of the educaters