Fedrick Herzburg's Two-Factor Theory

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Fedrick Herzburg's Two-Factor Theory by Mind Map: Fedrick Herzburg's Two-Factor Theory

1. "Employee retention and motivation is partly about pay and benefits, but it includes other aspects of the employee’s job"

2. "Some of the reasons why employees leave can include a poor match between job and skills, no growth potential, pay inequity among employees, the fairness and communication style of management, and heavy workloads"

3. 6 Factors of Hygiene "Unsatisfied Employees"

3.1. Disagreement with a part if not all of the policies that are to be followed by the company

3.2. Lack of supervision in the workplace

3.3. Lack of communication/Relationship with a manager or supervisor

3.4. Unfair working conditions

3.5. Employees pay salary to low

3.6. Lack of communication/Relationship with fellow peers

4. 6 Factors of Motivation

4.1. Achievement among employees

4.2. Making a point to recognize employees

4.3. Create a workplace that is enjoyed for just the work itself

4.4. Showing responsibility upon each employee

4.5. Encourage employees to advance if possible

4.6. Always ensure room for growth in the company

5. What is "Hygiene" in terms of Herzburg's theroy?

5.1. "the hygiene factors are expected and assumed, while they may not necessarily motivate"

5.2. "the hygiene factors were not necessarily motivators, but if not present in the work environment, they would actually cause demotivation"

6. The outcome for "Hygiene" in a workplace:

6.1. Voluntary employee turnovers that can be caused by many different things.

7. The outcome of retention plans and how they motivate employees.

7.1. Improves the work force as a whole resulting in a decrease in voluntary employee turnovers.

8. What is "motivation" in terms of Herzburg's theory?

8.1. "the actual motivators tend to be the work and recognition surrounding the work performed"

8.2. "motivation on both of his factors is key to a good retention plan"

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