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Mind Mapping Book by Mind Map: Mind Mapping Book

1. Introduction

1.1. My Story

1.1.1. Trouble Learning in School.. During my school years I wasn't the best student.. School was so boring for me! Nothing we were doing seemed to have any relation to the real world.. But it also didn't stimulate me creatively either! Anyways it was just a mess.. Even though I didn't do much of the work I had decent grades.. Especially in college! Because big ideas and concepts stick to me.. I only have to hear them and figure them out once for me to remember them! But even still if you don't spend your time memorizing you won't ever be able to get past a certain level with the way to school system is setup.. And of course I couldn't do that.. It was too boring! I wasn't stimulated by it at all. I looked down on myself for years because I had this problem of not being able to focus.. I now know it's because my brain doesn't work linearly.. Instead my brain is creative, big picture and connection focused.. And I expect most of you are the same! The good news is that I've figured out a way to harness that power instead of feeling bad about it..

1.1.2. Big Ideas Getting Lost.. I always think best on walks.. I can get creative and come up with amazing solutions! Like most of you I probably come up with 5-500 ideas every single day.. Often completely not connected! That I believe is part of being an entrepreneur and creative.. But it can (and did for me) lead to having a million ideas and not taking action one them! The problem was that the solutions didn't come in sequence.. Instead I would get one idea that would make a connection with another idea.. By the end of the walk felt like I didn't have anything concrete to hold onto! Constantly feeling full of great and creative ideas but no way to structure them to get anything done! This lead to quite a lot of anguish in my professional life! For so long I thought of myself as an ideas guy but one who isn't willing or able to follow through! But that's the furthest thing from the truth! In reality I just didn't have a good way of capturing my creative thoughts so they could be executed on..

1.1.3. Setting Rigid Goals That Often Fail.. Setting goals was my nemesis for quite a long time.. I'm a very driven person so anytime I set a goal I REALLY REALLY want to achieve it! That's great! (So I thought) But really it just caused me to constantly be comparing myself to my goals and eventually drained my confidence in my ability to actually accomplish them.. The fact that I hadn't accomplished the rigid goals that I set for myself was a let down.. I used to set goals with 100% certainty that I would achieve them and when I didn't I would be quite depressed.. Probably a lot of you feel the same way.. When you don't reach a goal you get discouraged! I now realize that setting goals should be a 50/50 change of achieving them.. Crafting a rigid plan to achieve something and not accomplishing it.. Whenever I used to set goals I would also craft a plan for how I was going to accomplish them! (Just like they taught us) But what would happen when that plan didn't work? Well.. I kept following it! Bashing my head into the concrete until I eventually was discouraged again and gave up.. I now realize that a rigid plan is the WORST thing to create when you set goals..

1.2. Why Mind Mapping

1.2.1. Creative people and Entrepreneurs think differently.. We don't think or learn linearly.. We are constantly making connections.. We crave big goals but don't like rigid plans..

1.2.2. But how are we taught to think? They taught us to memorize.. They taught us to think inside the box.. They taught us to set rigid goals and plans.. They acted as if creativity wasn't the gift that it is.. Acted as if we were the weird kids or the dumb ones.. Little did they know that our creativity was what they craved! Somehow they didn't realize that the creatives rule the world..

1.2.3. They just didn't give us the right tools to be successful! The Tools They Gave Us Learning Creating.. Goal Setting The Tools We Needed Learning Creating Goal Setting

1.3. How Mind Mapping Helps

1.3.1. Full Creative Control Mind Maps allow you to have as much creative control or as little creative control as you desire for any project.. The mind doesn't remember words in a string nearly as much as it remembers colours, sequences and pictures! Mind Maps can adapt to any possible thought framework.. I've simply outlined 3 in this book!

1.3.2. Information Hierarchy Mind Maps are structured the same way that the mind stores information.. In an information hierarchy! The mind uses it's neurons to link one piece of information to another in a sequential manner.. Information hierarchy is essentially linking the most important (or biggest) piece of information to multiple smaller pieces in an infinite manner..

1.3.3. Better Memory One study showed that Mind Maps allowed participants to remember up to 32 percent more information.. This is because Mind Maps are mimicking the way that our brains work.. Plus it allows us to use more sensory input! There are many different learning styles Mind Maps allow us to identify our own way of learning and adapt to it as opposed to adapting our learning to the medium..

1.3.4. Abstract and Granular Mind Maps allow us to look at both the big picture and the finer details.. This allows us to come up with creative solutions to problems.. Also by seeing the bigger picture we can create links between seemingly unrelated information.. Improving memory and creativity!

1.3.5. Brainstorming This is one of the most important skills in todays market.. Coming up with creative solutions to problems is very valuable and Mind Maps give us a great tool to help with that! The hierarchical structure and ability to see the abstract and granular gives us the ability to make connections which is what creativity really is..

1.4. Course Layout

1.4.1. Three separate type of Mind Mapping each with their own 4 main principles.. Inside the 4 main principles I will teach you some of the Why and What of the particular technique.. This is so that you can understand the logic behind the Template Layout I give you and can iterate and make it your own.. The main principles used in this course were all borrowed from some of the greatest minds in the world and there is a resource list in the course for you to check out for more information!

1.4.2. Each section has it's own Template Map Tutorial where I will give you a Template Map and go over a scenario where you might use the map in! (((((THIS PART SHOULD BE FOR THE PAID COURSE ONLY)))))) If you wish to skip the principles and just do the Mind Maps the way I do them then this section will be your best option..

1.5. XMind Technicals

1.5.1. Downloading

1.5.2. Choosing The Map Type

1.5.3. Customizing The Map Type

1.5.4. Commands

1.5.5. Creating The Map

2. Speed Mapping

2.1. How to learn faster and remember better with Mind Mapping.

2.2. Focus

2.2.1. Deep Work

2.2.2. Flow State

2.3. 80/20 Principle

2.3.1. Reading Material Type of Information Summaries Articles Books Interviews Presentations Etc How to decide what to read? What outcome do you want? General Knowledge Action Points Deeper Knowledge Presentation

2.3.2. Reading Process

2.4. Speed Reading

2.5. 4MAT Learning Model

2.6. Template Map Tutorial

3. Idea Mapping

3.1. How to capture ideas and be more creative with Mind Mapping.

3.2. Focus

3.2.1. Deep Work

3.2.2. Creative State

3.3. Principles of Creativity

3.4. Creative Process

3.5. Brainstorming

3.6. Template Map Tutorial

4. Goal Mapping

4.1. How to set goals and measure progress with Mind Mapping.

4.2. Long Term Thinking

4.2.1. Principles and Values

4.2.2. Long Term as 1 Year

4.3. 90 Day Sprints

4.3.1. How to Decide on a Sprint

4.3.2. Why Sprints Work

4.4. Principles of OKR's

4.5. Brainstorming

4.6. Template Map Tutorial

4.6.1. Objective Key Results Brainstorm Brainstorm Brainstorm Brainstorm Key Results Brainstorm Brainstorm Brainstorm Brainstorm Key Results Brainstorm Brainstorm Brainstorm Brainstorm