Topic 1: Family life

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Topic 1: Family life by Mind Map: Topic 1: Family life

1. How has the role of men and women in the family changed?

1.1. Firstly, an expansion of the female role to an economic provider for a family

1.2. Secondly, the transformation of men’s role with more extensive involvement in family responsibilities, mainly care for children,

1.3. Thirdly, women no longer have to shoulder the housework alone. Instead, husband and wife will share the housework equally

2. What is the benefit of “equally shared parenting”?

2.1. Both parents have time to build their careers and incomes

2.1.1. Of course, balancing housework and office work is not easy for both parents. When both parents have equal responsibility for the time and logistics of caring for their kids, that means both parents now have equal time away from their children. These hours can be used to build careers, start businesses and side hustles, invest in advanced education, training and work travel.

2.2. More equality in parenting

2.2.1. When both parents have equal time with the children, parenting roles are more likely to be equalized in each home, now both parents will have to fill every parenting role when spending time with their kids.

2.3. More equal financial support

2.3.1. 1. More equal time spent with children means that one parent is less likely to be solely burdened with out-of-pocket expenses.

2.4. More time to live!

3. Do you agree with “equally shared parenting”

3.1. Yes, why not? when we share the housework, it's good that everyone is equal.