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Learning Approach by Mind Map: Learning Approach

1. Project-Based Learning

1.1. Productional Model

1.1.1. Students start by defining the purpose of creating the end- product.

1.1.2. Identify their audience.

1.1.3. They research the topic.

1.1.4. Design the product.

1.1.5. Project-Management

1.1.6. Solves the problems that arise and finish the product followed by self-evaluation and reflection.

1.2. May use scenarios but often involves real world, fully authentic tasks and settings

1.3. The drive force is the end-point.

1.4. Key to succeed is skills

1.5. Case-specific understanding practical products.

1.6. Producing applicable results

1.7. Project management

1.8. Student-centered within pre- defined project frame

1.9. Cultivate the ability to design and carry out

1.10. Professional Knowledge

2. Problem-Based Learning

2.1. Situated Design - Cultivate team cooperative skills - Acquire professional knowledge

2.1.1. Cultivate the ability to design questions

2.2. The drive force is the problem given

2.3. Key to succeed is solution to it.

2.4. Deeper Understanding: Theory Building

2.5. Inquiry of problematic situations

2.6. Learning Tutorial

2.7. Fully student-centered on loosely pre-defined setting

2.8. Evaluation - Solve problems - Acquire knowledge - Creativity on works - Social skills

2.9. Inquiry Model

2.9.1. students start with a given problem.

2.9.2. make a plan for gathering information.

2.9.3. pose new questions.

2.9.4. summarize their research by presenting their conclusions.