Ideas for Main Task

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Ideas for Main Task by Mind Map: Ideas for Main Task

1. The third part of the trailer will show them getting ready and getting some drink, and then they turn up at the party.

2. On the final part of the trailer it cuts to different scenes in the film where the nerds are being 'cool' with the popular kids, the trailer will hint to the nerds meeting girls at the party.

3. The characters within the trailer will be key for example the nerds will be wearing stereotypical nerdy clothing like sweater vests and the popular Jocks will be wearing contemporary clothing to connote there popularity. The girls used will have to be attractive to make it appeal to the target audience.

4. There will be several settings used with the trailer for example the setting of the nerds bedrooms, these will have sterotypically nerdy items in them for example posters and Xbox's. The school scene will also need to be a typical American High school with posters of the party around and final the party scene will have to look like a typical party.

5. The music used in the trailer will make it stand out for example when showing the nerds there needs to be different sounds from when we see the popular kids and finally the party scene will have to be upbeat

6. The target audience will be teenagers as this is the common target audience for Teen Comedies.

7. The plot of the film will be a group of nerds who are stereotypically nerdy and want to go to a 'cool' graduation party after being told they can't go.

8. The first part of the trailer it will show the three nerds doing seperate nerdy things for example one will be playing Call of Duty, one will be playing world of warcraft and the final one will be practising fighting with a lightsaber, then it will show them together at school.

9. The second part of the trailer it will show the nerds together at school being picked on by the cool kids and then they see the posters round the school displaying the party and then they get told they can't come.

10. To create our idea we have taken inspiration from other teen comedies for example American Pie and Superbad