Modeling With Mathematics

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Modeling With Mathematics by Mind Map: Modeling With Mathematics

1. Students are more likely to pay attention when they are interested in the topic

1.1. Paying more attention = better understanding = better grades

2. Use their interests to create math problems and examples

2.1. Have students take charge of the way they learn by allowing them to create a question or problem

3. Use examples that get the students attention

3.1. Using examples with the students names in it or something that will capture their attention

4. Find out what the students are interested in

4.1. Get to know what the students like and what they are interested in

5. Find out what the latest trends are and use that to capture their attention

5.1. Have students make graphs, charts, and other visuals

6. Make connections with students and real life situations

6.1. Using real life scenarios and acting them out in class