ideas for my trailer

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ideas for my trailer by Mind Map: ideas for my trailer

1. 3 main male characters high school age

2. The 3 main characters are aiming to lose their virginity by the end of the school year at a house party where all the popular kids will attend.

3. setting- high school and house party

4. opening sequence- show 3 main characters one by one doing 'nerdy' activities. one playing world of Warcraft, one playing Xbox competitively and one playing with a light saber.

5. characters will be teenage so they are relatable for a teen comedy audience.

6. show the nerds looking at the posters around school for the party before being told they cannot go by the popular kids

7. scene showing the nerds turning up to the party dressed as losers.

8. end the clip of one of the main characters passing out after a shot competition.

9. show contrast of social cliques at high school