Effects of Gambling

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Effects of Gambling by Mind Map: Effects of Gambling

1. What is Gambling?

1.1. definition

1.1.1. when it started what causes gambling to be addicting?

2. What causes gambling to be addicting?

2.1. what is addiction

2.1.1. are there any symptoms? how to get tretated for gambling addiction

3. Are there any treatments you can get for gambling?

3.1. where do you go for treatments

3.1.1. how much are treatments how many people get treated for this addiction yearly even though its a negative thing, are there any positives to gambling?

4. positives and negatives of gambling

4.1. positives of gambling

4.1.1. negatives of gambling what makes gambling entertaining how does it hurt your mental health

5. how does gambling help a city or states economy?

5.1. what cities have casinos

5.1.1. how does Las Vegas thrive with casinos what keeps the casinos open