Validity Evidence

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Validity Evidence by Mind Map: Validity Evidence

1. Kubiszyn, T. & Borich, G. (2010). Educational testing and measurement: Classroom application and practice ( 9th ed). John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: Hoboken, NJ

2. Information that lets you know whether results from the test correspond to what you would expect

3. Other information corresponds well with theory.

4. Important especially for aptitude tests

5. This type of validity provides evidence that the test is classifying examinees correctly. The stronger the correlation is, the greater the concurrent validity of the test is.

6. Concurrent validity is a statistical method using correlation, rather than a logical method.

7. Content validity is important because it is used as a tool to inspect test questions to see whether they correspond to what the user decides should be covered by the test.

8. Most important validity when certifying or licensing programs.

9. Content Validity

10. Measures the relationship between examinees' performances on the test and their actual status as masters or non-masters.

11. Construct Validity

12. Concurrent Validity

13. Predictive Validity

14. New node