Social Teaching in the Old Testament

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Social Teaching in the Old Testament by Mind Map: Social Teaching in the Old Testament

1. Five Major Themes

1.1. 1. Respect for human life

1.1.1. One must not cause harm to another living being

1.1.2. If this happens one must make just recompense

1.2. 2. Respect for property

1.2.1. A basic human right for survival/quality-of-life

1.2.2. Not an absolute right in the Old Testament

1.3. 3. Honesty in business

1.3.1. One must act fairly in financial affairs

1.3.2. One must not profit from someone else's misfortune

1.4. 4. Just distribution of wealth

1.4.1. The natural resources for survival/quality-of-life must be distributed fairly. DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE

1.4.2. If this is out of balanced these resources must be redistributed

1.5. 5. Special concern for the vulnerable

1.5.1. One must treat the vulnerable with special compassion and generosity

2. Textbook Notes

2.1. The Old Law and the New Law

2.1.1. The Old Law was a step in God's plan for justice in the world

2.1.2. The New Law emphasizes God's love and mercy

2.2. Catholic Social Teaching pp. 32-36-Article 5: Social Teaching in the Old Testament

2.2.1. The concept of social justice is ANCIENT It is part of the original code of God's creation

2.2.2. The foundational principles of the Old Law which are fulfilled in the New Law

2.2.3. "Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" pp.32-33 Social Justice texts in the Book of Proverbs

2.2.4. The right to property is not an absolute right If it puts one into unnecessary debt Laws in the Old Testament forbidding the charging of interest for debt

2.2.5. The SABBATH Every seven years debts are forgiven Every fifty years all land is given back to the families who originally owned it. It is God's will that people with more wealth share with those who have less God is the ultimate owner of all of Earth's goods Human beings should never consider themselves the permanent owners

2.2.6. You shall not violate the rights of the alien or the orphan