Fire Extinguishing Methods

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Fire Extinguishing Methods by Mind Map: Fire Extinguishing Methods

1. Powders

1.1. Dirt/Sand

1.1.1. Customers will find this distasteful in a kitchen

1.2. Salt/Baking Soda

1.2.1. Safe for consumption - non-toxic

1.2.2. Common items - easily refillable by the consumer

2. Water

2.1. Unsafe for kitchen fires (lots of grease/oil)

3. Fire Extinguishers

3.1. Carbon Dioxide

3.2. Wet Chemical

3.3. Foam

3.4. Dry Powder

3.5. These are covered more in-depth in a separate file

4. Fire Blanket

4.1. Impractical

5. Remove oxygen

5.1. Can be done for oven, but need another method for stovetop