New Literacies

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New Literacies by Mind Map: New Literacies

1. Literacy transformations

1.1. primitave language symbols

1.1.1. complex oral language early writing manuscript literacy

2. functional literacy

2.1. in Anglophone world

2.1.1. New Zealand

2.2. content

2.2.1. Paulo Freire

2.3. skills

3. Adult illiteracy

3.1. adult literacy

3.1.1. consumer ecconomics

3.1.2. occupational

3.1.3. community

3.1.4. health

3.1.5. Law

3.2. Critical literacy

3.2.1. discourses vs. Discourses

3.3. literary policies

3.3.1. literacy in 3D holistic more than "how to"

4. L(IT)eracy

4.1. digital literacy

4.1.1. enhancing cognitive development and assessment practices MiGen Ensemble

4.1.2. supporting learning communities SynergyNet

4.1.3. working collaboratively LDSE hapTEL

4.1.4. overcome access issues personal inquiry inter-life

4.2. Future challenges

4.2.1. shift of digital literacy revolution in communication multimodal texts screens change in social structures constellations of mode and medium multimodality new ways of reading design modes genres syntax font layout implications from hierarchical to lateral

4.2.2. different literacies for different domains of life

4.3. technology learning

4.4. Key learning areas (KLAs)

4.5. Programmer vs user

4.6. New node

5. four components of pedagogy

5.1. Situated practice

5.2. Overt instruction

5.3. critical framing

5.4. transformed practice

6. Participatory Culture

6.1. low barriers

6.1.1. to artistic expresstion

6.1.2. civil involvement

6.2. support for caring and sharing

6.3. informal mentorship

6.4. believing that contributions matter

6.5. degree of social connection