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Solomon Chapter 1 by Mind Map: Solomon Chapter 1
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Solomon Chapter 1

Marketing is all about delivering value to everyone who is affected by a transaction Marketers is a wide job, found in many types of firms (charities, universities, health care,...) in many different roles (Advertising, International Marketing, Sales and Sales Management,...) What can be marketed? Consumer Goods and Services, Business-to-Business Goods and Services, Not-for-Profit Marketing, Idea, Place and People Marketing

Is about

Exchange Relationships

Meeting Needs

There is a benefit when a product satisfies a need or want. Couple desire with buying power = demand

Creating utility and value


Production era

Selling era

Consumers' era

New era


Marketing mix


Sellers' perspective

Customers' perspective

After having narrowed the choice, decision is affected by ratio costs/benefits

Society persperctive

Dark Side of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour