100k Launch Journey Workshop

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100k Launch Journey Workshop by Mind Map: 100k Launch Journey Workshop

1. Module 1 : Choose Your Path

1.1. Lesson 1 ;

1.1.1. Introduction

1.2. Lesson 2 ;

1.2.1. Decide to Build Your Course

1.3. Lesson 3 ;

1.3.1. Identify Your Topic

1.4. Lesson 4 ;

1.4.1. Validate Your Topic

1.5. Lesson 5 ;

1.5.1. Choosing a Suitable name

1.6. In the First Module I discussed about choosing a path to start building a Course. I spoke about the necessary aspects needed to lay down the Foundation to Build a Course which is very vital. I explained how important it is to make the decision to Build the Course. I also discussed on how Identify the Course Topic , How to Validate the Course Topic and all about Choosing a Suitable name for the Course

2. Module 2 : Building the Course

2.1. Lesson 1 ;

2.1.1. Define the Problem You Solve

2.2. Lesson 2 ;

2.2.1. Define the Solution You Offer

2.3. Lesson 3 ;

2.3.1. Pricing Your Course

2.4. Lesson 4 ;

2.4.1. How to Build a Content Plan

2.5. Lesson 5 ;

2.5.1. How to Structure Your Course

2.6. In the second Module I discuss about the necessary steps to be taken to start placing the Building blocks to build out a Successful Course. I explain how to define the Problem to be Solved during the Course and how important it is to choose a proper and suitable problem. I also discuss on how to define the solution to the problem addressed and how to deliver it in a proper manner I then discuss the important aspects to consider while Pricing the Course and how to set a suitable price for the Course I also explained the steps to Build a Content Plan and show an example for the Content Plan I built for this Course Finally I explain How to Structure the Course in an appropriate manner to make it Fruitful.

3. Module 3 : Preparing the Main Training

3.1. Lesson 1 ;

3.1.1. How to Address the Problem

3.2. Lesson 2 ;

3.2.1. How to Explain the Solution

3.3. Lesson 3 ;

3.3.1. Gather necessary information

3.4. Lesson 4 ;

3.4.1. Edit and Classify the information into Modules and Lessons

3.5. Lesson 5 ;

3.5.1. Prepare the Presentation

3.6. In this Module I talk all about Addressing the Problem and How to Explain the Solution in the most appropriate and suitable manner so that the clients will be able to grasp the contents accordingly I then discuss about how to Gather necessary information needed to prepare the content for the main training , How to Edit and Classifying information in modules and lessons and then finally how to Prepare the Presentation for the main training on Canva Step by Step

4. Module 4 : Promotions

4.1. Lesson 1 ;

4.1.1. Best ways to Promote

4.2. Lesson 2 ;

4.2.1. How to Promote on Facebook

4.3. Lesson 3 ;

4.3.1. How to Promote on Instagram

4.4. Lesson 4 ;

4.4.1. Free Sessions

4.5. Lesson 5 ;

4.5.1. Building Promotional Materials

4.6. In this module I discuss all about Promotions. The Best ways to Promote , How to Promote on Facebook and How to Promote on Instagram both organic promotions and I also talk about Paid Promotions. But I mostly explain the steps to do organic marketing and what needs to be done on a daily basis and how consistency is the key to get a higher reach on Social Media I then discuss about Free Sessions, how important they are, things to consider when writing the content for Free Sessions, How to write the Content and an example of Content I wrote for a Free Session Finally I explained everything step by step on how to build Promotional materials for the Course on Canva