MLM "The Pain"

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MLM "The Pain" by Mind Map: MLM "The Pain"

1. Annoyance

1.1. followup

1.1.1. hope you go away lying, hidden objections no response beginners don't know when to stop answering machines

1.1.2. time consuming

1.1.3. excited prospect loses interest family puts them off talks to family and friends

1.2. timing

1.2.1. can't get agreement to presentation can't get agreement between upline prospect and self back and forth scheduling conflicts

2. Humiliation

2.1. talking to friends and family

2.1.1. spam reputation

2.1.2. rejection

2.1.3. teasing because of lack of results

2.1.4. no credibility

2.1.5. suspicion of being sold

2.2. talking to strangers

2.2.1. lack of education on industry rejection suspicion

2.2.2. unprofessional looking

3. Stress

3.1. effort related

3.1.1. spend time/effort training distributors they give up too early

3.2. time related

3.2.1. spend time thinking about business unable to move ahead

3.2.2. time going to presentations

3.3. finding prospects difficult

3.3.1. upline doesn't know how training skimpy, no skills taught build belief write affirmations talk to more people

3.4. money related

3.4.1. no cashflow buying leads costly sales tools give sales tools but prospects never get around to looking autoship forced to keep buying product to stay eligible for commission but make no sales product samples prospects don't try products for fear of being sold buying advertising no teaching to do advertising correctly post-sales tools presentations cost pay at coffee in presentations pay to get into presentations mobile phone calls

4. Confusion

4.1. too much information

4.1.1. procrastination by analyzation

4.2. no clear direction

4.2.1. no marketing plan

4.2.2. too many marketing plans

4.3. no system/system sucks