Multiculturalism around the world

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Multiculturalism around the world by Mind Map: Multiculturalism around the world

1. FODA Analysis is used to know the advantages and disadvantages of multiculturalism

1.1. Strength

1.1.1. Canada It's a source of national identity and union for French- and English-speaking Canadians

1.1.2. South Korea Symbolizes modernization where rights and equality are appreciated

1.2. Weaknesses

1.2.1. When immigrants do not integrate, they experience worse results in the labor market and have less civic commitment which causes separation and weakness Denmark Germany The Low Countries

1.3. Opportunities

1.3.1. Canadian exports are projected to grow by 10% per year

1.3.2. Australia and Canada They successfully promote multiculturalism They transmit a climate of tolerance Allows attracting skilled workers to improve anger

1.4. Threats

1.4.1. Multiculturalism is sometimes seen as an obstacle

1.4.2. Equality and Western societies that value human rights and fair treatment

2. Advantages

2.1. Improves the integration of immigrants

2.2. Improves the economy of the host country

3. It depends on:

3.1. First

3.1.1. Cultural maintenance of immigrants

3.2. Second

3.2.1. Cultural acceptance by host societies.

4. Countries that adopt multiculturalism experience more positive results

5. In Germany

5.1. Multiculturalism failed.

6. Background can be seen in four ways

6.1. First

6.1.1. It is a demographic reality as a result of globalization, the flow of talent, etc.

6.2. Second

6.2.1. It is a political philosophy related to the integration and acceptance of immigrants

6.3. Fourth

6.3.1. It's a speech that governments must point out

6.4. Third

6.4.1. It is a strategy for the government and organizations to formulate policies based on their point of view

7. Completion

7.1. In general, countries that adopt multiculturalism report more positive results in the form of better integration of immigrants from ethnic minorities