Ethics Values and Morals

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Ethics Values and Morals by Mind Map: Ethics Values and Morals

1. Religious beliefs

1.1. What we hold sacred

1.2. How we interpret the world

1.2.1. how we view humans vs. nature

1.3. creation story creates world view

2. What should be prioritized according to authors

2.1. respect for land

2.1.1. Land ethic = land has rights

2.2. Unlearning lessons you're not aware you internalized

3. Cultural upbringing

3.1. The stories we are told

3.1.1. stories we never hear stereotypes lack of understanding

3.2. Politics, economics, socialization

4. What is prioritized in Western society according to authors

4.1. Disposability

4.2. Wealth of people in power

4.2.1. competition Capitalism

4.3. Overconsumption of land

4.4. Poisoning the poor

4.5. Viewing nature as separate