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CBLT by Mind Map: CBLT

1. Design

1.1. Objectives

1.1.1. Developed as a response to perceived learners' specific goal

1.1.2. Needs analysis is the first

1.2. Syllabus

1.2.1. Description of learning outcomes in terms of competencies

1.3. Types of learning and teaching activities

1.3.1. integrate the four language skills

1.3.2. meaningful interchanges necessary for students to function in real-life situations.

1.3.3. communication skills before the development of the productive skills

1.3.4. receptive skills before the development of the productive skills

1.3.5. student-centered instruction

1.3.6. different learning styles

1.3.7. integrate language and culture

1.3.8. higher level thought processes

1.3.9. take active roles in the learning process

1.4. Teacher's role

1.4.1. Active role Needs analyst Materials developer and material resource assembler Assessor Coach

1.5. Learner's role

1.5.1. Active participants monitor their learning in reference develop a range of learning strategies be able to transfer knowledge and skills to new situations

1.6. The role of instructional materials

1.6.1. Teacher-developed materials

1.6.2. Technology-supported materials

2. Procedure

2.1. Knowledge and learning competencies

2.2. Oral competencies

2.3. Reading competencies

2.4. Writing competencies