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1. CROATIAN(my mothers’ tongue)- I use it 80% of the time , in my free time , while talking to ppl and while learning

1.1. Unique , complicated , old

1.2. Filmovi-zabavno, poucno , utjecajno

1.3. Sarkazam - i use it a lot and it is funny while using it in serious situations

1.4. “Pazi da ti ne padne”- I use it when somebody drops something and it is funny to watch them pissed off because it has already fallen.

2. ENGLISH( my second language)- I use it while playing games, watching movies , watching tik toks and while talking to tourists)

2.1. Wide , fun , elegant

2.2. Movies - fun , educational , influential

2.3. Influencer - i like influencers and I like how the word sounds

2.4. Drifting - i love doing it

2.5. Enjoy watching my front end bc all you’ll be seeing from now on is my smoke

3. GERMAN( my third language) - i never use it except in my german class and while joking with my cousins from Austria

3.1. Hard , agressive , complicated

3.2. Film- Spaß , lehrreich , einflussreich

3.3. “Das ist mir Wurst”- I use this when I dont like something

3.4. “Na?”- I use it to ask sb (whats up?)

3.5. “Die Nase voll haben” - when I want to say (enough is enough)