The Negative Impact of Social Media on Our Lives

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The Negative Impact of Social Media on Our Lives by Mind Map: The Negative Impact of Social Media on Our Lives

1. Addiction to Social Media

1.1. uses social media excessively

1.1.1. anxiety

1.1.2. sleep deprivation

1.1.3. depression

1.1.4. some psychological disorders

1.2. interferes with other daily activities

2. Constant Comparison with Others

2.1. wishing that our lives were as great as others

2.1.1. mostly to share glittering highlights from their lives deliberately leaving out the dull ones

2.1.2. mostly to hide boring night at home rocky relationships lack of financial stability

2.2. instead endup feeling miserable

2.2.1. lead to low self-esteem

2.2.2. depression

3. Making "Friends" Online

3.1. physical interaction with a very superficial

3.2. shallow form of interaction

3.3. unable to carry out a face to face conversation amiably

3.4. problems with their 'real' friends

4. Distraction

4.1. can't focus

4.2. looking for the next juicy post update

4.3. feel unproductive and distracted

4.4. mistake: advertise oneself to others

5. Cyber bullying/ Hate Space

5.1. information shared is often untrue

5.1.1. often cause many people to gang up

5.1.2. attack one person

5.2. a lot of people will say things on the internet they would never say face to face

5.2.1. relentlessly bully someone

5.2.2. Parents of bullied kids are often unaware of their kids predicament

5.3. post hateful comments and threats

5.3.1. same cases journalists and writers have been victimized and threatened cause different views in controversial topics