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Online Shopping by Mind Map: Online Shopping

1. Advantages

1.1. customers

1.1.1. easy access to many online shops & info More convenient & time saving

1.1.2. can do purchase any time

1.1.3. easy comparison about different products' info New node

1.1.4. can do business with all suppliers worldwide variety goods

1.1.5. enjoy potentially cheaper goods saved

1.2. suppliers

1.2.1. serve more customers at the same time worldwide customers

1.2.2. no need to rent a shop/ hire workers.etc production costs

1.2.3. limitation to the size of the shop choices of goods

2. Disadvantages

2.1. customers

2.1.1. do not physically seen the items the items from the photos online are better than the items in front of you

2.1.2. returning merchandise have to pay the cost shipping it back have to call and convince the people regrading the reson of your return

2.1.3. chances of mishandling while shipping/delivery risks

2.1.4. risk of online fraud

2.1.5. spyware on your computer a risk of your personal data/credit card information

2.1.6. wait for the items to arrive cannot buy the item that you need‘right now’

3. Principle

4. Examples

4.1. Eastern Countries

4.1.1. Gmarket

4.1.2. Tao Bao

4.2. Western Countries


4.2.2. Ebay


5. Payment

5.1. cash on delivery

5.2. cheque

5.3. credit card

6. Types

6.1. Entertainment

6.1.1. Books and Magazines

6.1.2. Gifts and Flowers

6.1.3. Music and Movies

6.1.4. Sport and Fitness

6.1.5. Toys and Games

6.2. Necessaries

6.2.1. Clothes and Fashion

6.2.2. Electrical Goods and Gadgets

6.2.3. Food and Drink

6.2.4. Furniture

6.2.5. Health and Beauty

7. History