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Alarm Clock by Mind Map: Alarm Clock

1. Users

1.1. Students

1.1.1. High School Difficulty waking up Several volume settings must re-enter date to turn alarm off

1.1.2. College Different wake up times throughout week custom alarm schedule Athletes need to be up early Greek life bigger snooze button?

1.2. Adults

1.2.1. Multiple alarms syncs with phone

2. Context

2.1. Bedroom

2.1.1. multiple colors

2.2. Travel

2.2.1. Fits in briefcase or back pack

3. Design

3.1. Large numeric display

3.1.1. Time

3.1.2. Date

3.2. Lightweight

3.2.1. Thin

3.3. Durability

3.3.1. Can be dropped and still function fine

3.4. Battery

3.4.1. Recharable

3.4.2. outlet detatchable