Shakespeare Project

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Shakespeare Project by Mind Map: Shakespeare Project

1. Scene Re-Enactment

1.1. Choose one important scene

1.2. Theater dept has costumes

1.3. Use Flip video camera to record

1.4. Post the video on YouTube

2. Create Facebook Pages

2.1. Each person in the group should choose a main character

2.2. Create a facebook profile (3 total)

2.2.1. Pictures

2.2.2. Information

2.2.3. Applications they would use

2.2.4. Quizzes

2.2.5. Wall posts Write on each other's walls - be creative!

3. Modern-Day Translation

3.1. Choose a scene and re-phrase it into words we use today

3.2. Post your translations using Twitter hashtags

3.3. Create a podcast of your translation; "put on" different voices for each of the characters

4. Group Therapy

4.1. Create a voicethread

4.2. One person will be the therapist, the other two can choose principal characters with conflicts between them

4.3. Record comments as if you were in a therapy session

4.4. Create slides and add pictures