Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 by Mind Map: Fahrenheit 451

1. Questions Before Reading

1.1. I think that the story is about someone who hates books and wants to burn them in an attic.

1.1.1. New node

1.2. I think she want to burn books to get revenges for something that happened in his past.

1.3. I think she will try to burn the books but will be stopped at the last moment.

1.4. Fahrenheit 451 is the burning temperature at which paper burns.

1.5. The book is written in the 60'ties. There is a movie made about the story. It is written in a futuristic way.

1.6. I can predict that it will have to do something with fire, books and revenge.

2. Questions after reading

2.1. That you need to stand for what you belief even if that makes you an outcast, because you might be just right.

2.2. Took keep it exiting and make the reader wan't to read more.

2.3. To make people think about the meaning of books.

2.4. My first three prediction were not right. The book is not about someone who wants revenge on books and burn them in a attic.

2.5. The main idea was that they live in a society in which books are banned and that people who read and appreciate them are seen as outcasts.

2.6. The story made me think of what being an outcast really means and that just because your different it doesn't make you bad person.

3. Questions During Reading

3.1. I understand from it that literature is hated in their society and that the only people who like it are seen as outcasts and criminals.

3.2. That they live in a society in which books are really hated, because they are not about real people.

3.3. That even if books are banned in the future there will still be peopled who question why.

3.4. Some parts to really understand which character is which.