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Grammar by Mind Map: Grammar

1. The passive

1.1. Simple present

1.1.1. Example: the treasure is hidden in the island

1.2. Simple past

1.2.1. Example: the smart phone was developed in the company

1.3. Present perfect

1.3.1. Example: Her house has been robbed by a thief

1.4. Future

1.4.1. Example: The shipment will be arriving soon

2. Comparison of adjectives

2.1. Adjective

2.1.1. Example: the girl is nice. The woman is beautiful.

2.2. Comparative form

2.2.1. Example: This boy is nicer This woman is more beautiful

2.3. Superlative form

2.3.1. Example: This man is nicest. This woman is the most beautiful