a thousand years of nonlinear history

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a thousand years of nonlinear history by Mind Map: a thousand years of nonlinear history

1. 5 hundred million years age, bone appear in the animal's body

2. eight thousand yeards ago

2.1. mineralizing

2.1.1. exoskeleton luxury item

3. because of foods, makes city emerge

3.1. its may agriculture or fishery industry

3.2. the city produce wall, architecture , street, house

3.2.1. institution make city strongger

4. because of agriculture makes Europe be born

4.1. 1800 grow up because of fossil fuel

4.2. two way to make city grow up

4.2.1. spontaneous labyrinthine street

4.2.2. planning city clathrate city

4.3. people makes city

4.3.1. government hierarchy have power to control constitution

4.3.2. spontaneous get the economic from complementary right of ownership

4.4. market may bigger than government

4.5. centralize and decentralize cause Europe stronger than other country

5. when city become more complex, cause other small city disappear

6. city will grow up stabilize

6.1. the invisible hand

6.2. money can avoid country to control it and make society flow

6.2.1. use metal to be money because it can measure and unify

6.2.2. money produce business business produce many rule

6.2.3. money cause two kinds of city central place system pyramid network system complementary

7. monopoly happen all the time

8. military makes city grow up

9. China can't be the biggest country, because they self-reclusive