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GPS by Mind Map: GPS

1. Background Information

1.1. Global Positioning System

1.2. Space-based satellite navigation system

1.3. Provides location and time information

1.4. In all weather, anywhere on or near the Earth

1.5. Other Websites

2. Advantages

2.1. Fast speed

2.2. Helps improve mapping skills

2.3. You can be found easier if in danger or in accident

2.4. Leads you in right direction

3. Disadvantages

3.1. Not very cheap

3.2. People focus on GPS more than road = accidents

3.3. Needs good care and handling

3.4. Need external power

3.5. Needs batteries (handheld ones)

4. Applications

4.1. Autotoll GPS Service

4.2. GPS watch

4.3. Google Map

4.4. Vehicle anti-theft system

4.5. Navigation

5. Working Principle

5.1. To live the basic GPS: Satellites Triangulation

5.2. Measure the distance between the GPS receiver with satellite GPS by measuring time that radio waves travel from satellite to receiver.

5.3. To measure time using radio waves travel in the GPS.

5.4. Other Websites