Urban Shadows

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Urban Shadows by Mind Map: Urban Shadows

1. Ate ghosts at one point? Consumed from deadspace?

2. Bloody Summer, fall of Power

2.1. Victims

2.1.1. Asher Callahan, DOD: ???, Age, 29

2.1.2. Pengtuan Jin, DOD: April 22, 88 Age: 19 "Snuck out during height of storm to gather data and was killed at some point in the night" - Official Docs. As revealed by the angular fish, Pengtuan was happy before his death. Death Witnessed by Luce and Holden of storm chasers

2.2. Why did things spiral?

2.2.1. Spiraled due to Power not being a concrete Circle but a mismatch of disjointed factions This lead to "turf wars" for area/space Intense series of storms, worsened due to the fact of lots of magic users

3. Midknight

3.1. Left Red Ring about a year ago

3.1.1. I know he going to come up more i just know it

3.1.2. Spot informally replaced by Mister

3.2. Power aligned

3.3. Life long friends with Julian and Noah

3.4. Also knew Tianyu Jin

3.4.1. Seemed close to him, Tianyu talked to him consistently at Red ring oh when Lillian said "he talked to himself" because he was talking to fuckin, ghost mid

3.5. Probably a ghost

3.5.1. Anchored to Haas?

4. Power Faction

4.1. Tianyu Jin, current

4.2. Pengtuan Jin

4.2.1. knew??? Ophelia some how?? Knew Ophelia well enough to mention to little brother??

4.2.2. Thought that Jin family had connection to magic sources? Something bigger then them Neither Baomei nor Tianyu ever felt this connection Baihe was not a magic user, did she feel anything either? If Pengtuan was so positive only the Jin family was connected to it, who else in the Jin family? Their father?

4.3. Storm Chasers

4.3.1. Chase storms to see source of magic in said storms. Disbanded. Formed for Luce, a meteorologist, thesis, something about finding the eye of the magic storms?

4.4. Ophelia Jones, former

4.4.1. Tianuyu says that Pengtuan knew Ophelia from school Ophelia stopped going to school around the age of 16 Either Tianyu really is nostalgic about everything in his brothers life or Ophelia was brought up enough times to be notable

4.5. Baomei Jin, former head

4.5.1. Power fell because of her, commonly cited She was never actually voted in to Power, was just the most accepted leader. Although the head, did she take others with her from power to make it crumble? Self sabatoge? Besides eldest sons death, why? See Bloody Summer

4.5.2. Has taken job in Topside City council Has been restricting magic usage in last few years in Topside, along with Storm safety Why? Pengtuan's death again?

5. Red Ring

5.1. Noah Haas, Owner

5.1.1. Acquired bar few years ago Tianyu seems to think Haas killed the previous owner

5.1.2. Apart of Instinct? Is in communication/debt to Ev. Knew Misters bite was a mark of an instinct member

5.2. Lillian Dyre, Fighter

5.2.1. Apart of the Dyre Pack Take in people often! INVITED MISTER TO A FUCKIN' POTLUCK!!!! This pack is noteable enough where Marina knows them off top of her head

5.2.2. Involved in Giovanni Case Had something planted on them by Marina?

5.2.3. Executive Has a connection with her Not enough for Lillian to call her out for being in the RR?

5.3. Julian Steer, Fighter

5.3.1. Killed a guy and got away with it If he's instinct, is that why? Possibly how the coverup/not being in fucking jail was successful Was the person marked by Instinct to kill? Recognizes Mister's bite

6. Angler Fish

6.1. Honestly I have no ideas what going on with the angler fish it is insane

6.1.1. At some point was worshipped as a God, but has been forgotten to time Tianyu mentioned information being intentionally lost, was the Angler Fish apart of this? Was it a God of Dead/Life? Memories? Inherently tied to Power due to being at Anchor Point

6.1.2. The Angler Fishes informal "home" is the Power Pit (Anchor Point) Inherently

6.1.3. Ghost/Memory Gatekeeper Feeds off of memories, does not seem to matter whether these memories come of living or dead

6.1.4. Has a fascination with Ash Callahan Does this mean that despite being some sort of keeper of ghosts Ash is special? His independence from the AP?

7. Instinct

7.1. Giovanni Family

7.1.1. Has had run-ins with Executive before

7.1.2. Producing some sort of enhancement drug ODing lead to becoming apart of the amalgimation With it gone, will this continue? Found in magic sustaining vials At some point Tianyu/Asher had thought this would be enough to bring back power

7.1.3. Apart of "new" instinct? Eveline was discussing someone breaking off from Insticnt, was it them?

7.2. Eveline Rajput

7.3. Luca Adler

7.3.1. Assistant to Baomei How close are he and Baomei?

7.3.2. Very blatantly Instinct, talks about shit at work (yes in private but still) Close enough to be kept in loop of political matters w/ Instinct Does Baomei know this?

7.3.3. Vistor of Travelers End What makes Luca special enough to get in? Does he have connections? Baomei/Eve?

7.4. Claiming bite (does this have a more official name?)

7.4.1. Prominent bite that marks Hunter Guild as being able to be killed by Instinct at a later date Baihe Tianyu doesn't seem to be aware of the connitations Hunters Guild? Mister Clearly not Hunter's Guild This is only well known by Instinct/HunterGuild(?) members due to others not calling Mister out for it

7.5. Executive break in

7.5.1. Was not Eveline Rajput or supported by her Is giving Exec. A heads up about the ordeal? A note about it? This could also be connected to their past together?

7.5.2. Giovanni family/group? Stole Giovanni case files Made quiet the show of breaking into Exectuives home, enough to let the front desk worker know that Ex. was getting visit from "friends" By all means, pretty personal

8. Hunters Guild

9. Power Pit (Anchor Point/AP)

9.1. It is a Deadspace Point

9.1.1. Has a plethora of ghost stuck here Are dead Power members stuck here? Pengtuan voice heard as well Cassandra found here There was an entire bloody summer, over a thousand death that could populate this place Why?

9.2. The amalgimation was clearly feeding off of energy/magic from

9.2.1. Why?

9.3. Someone was seen skipping through the stars/stones of the deadspace

9.3.1. Who was it? Tianyu Is this how people/Power was able to have access points b/w T&U? Didn't know AP existed, probably not? Dante Old Power Subway Worker

9.4. Home to the Angular Fish

9.4.1. Why are they bound here?

9.4.2. Are Ghost trapped due to the angular fish? Angular Fish does feed off of peoples memories, but that seems to be both dead or alive Did see Angular Fish eating some forms though

10. Ghosts

10.1. Ash Callahan

10.1.1. Has been described as "the memory of AC" Still is conscious of time, people, emotions, ECT By all means, is just a person without a body Able to move around freely/be on some level hurt. Isn't stuck in a memory loop

10.1.2. Angular Fish expressed interest in Ash, despite clearly being around ghost constantly Despite being a "ghost", Ash is incredibly different from other seen ghosts Why? What could the Angular Fish need from Ash?

10.2. AP

10.2.1. The ghost here are stuck to a place Are they stuck here because they don't have anchor poitns? IM DUMB THIS *IS* THERE ANCHOR POINT

10.3. Need anchor points to move arond

10.3.1. Ash has several anchor poitns

10.3.2. Ash saw an anchor point on Noah Haas


11. Travelers End

11.1. man i wish I fucking knew that shit is gnarly as cool as hell man

11.2. What are the requirements to get in?

11.2.1. Executive told wasn't ready "yet" Due to the nonuclidean nature, whatever magical force is also omnipresent? How does one become a member?

11.3. It looks like magical Las Vegas but is it?

11.3.1. Gambling?

11.3.2. Negotiation place?

11.4. Why the fuck is it a thing?

11.4.1. Remnant of Power? Location is where subway is Clearly incredibly magic related Is it being kept up by other factions? Is this a meeting place for factions? Is it only known by Instinct? Do people live here? Is this the area that Power was ruling over? Why??? Of course Power would be the one in charge of the weird magical shit Potentially why it is no longer well known