Switching at layer 3

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Switching at layer 3 by Mind Map: Switching at layer 3

1. Layer 3 switches enable IP address configuration on Ethernet ports, Virtual Routing Interfaces, Loopback Interfaces, and GRE tunnels. Every IP address on a Layer 3 switch belongs to a different subnet. Interfaces on a layer 3 switch can belong to one or more subnets. Layer 3 switches can have two IP addresses set up at the same time, but IP addresses and cannot be configured at the same time. A single IP address can be configured on more than one interface. A Layer 3 switch model determines how many IP addresses you can configure on an individual interface. The Layer 3 switch can be managed using any of the IP addresses that are configured. Read the full article here: Basic facts about Layer 2 & Layer 3 Switches - Learn what the difference is!