ISTE Standards

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ISTE Standards by Mind Map: ISTE Standards

1. What are they

1.1. Standards set by the Education system of which teachers are expected to implement in the classroom.

1.2. Help ensure student voice, choice, and progress.

2. Empowered Learners

2.1. Students who are empowered learners are confident and motivated to lead in their work and education.

3. Digital Citizen

3.1. Citizens who are digital citizens know how to use the internet in a respectful, professional, and safe manner.

3.2. The standards help drive students to become digital citizens.

4. Knowledge Constructors

4.1. Students construct knowledge under these standards as they enhance their research.

4.2. Students construct knowledge through analyzing skills.

5. Article:

6. Innovative Designer

6.1. Innovative designers use tools to follow step by step process.

6.2. Implement designs

7. Computational Thinker

7.1. Develop logical descriptions of problems.

7.2. Know how to use edtech tools to solve problems.

8. Creative Communicator

8.1. Skills learned to communicate ideas efficiently.

8.2. Use edtech tools to meet individual student learning goals.

9. Global Collaboration

9.1. Engage in meaningful collaborate work in classrooms or global scale.

9.2. Use edtech to think big picture.

9.3. Expand cultural horizons.

10. Rationale: Artifact for Standard IPTS 3N: accesses and uses a wide range of information and instructional technologies to enhance a student’s ongoing growth and achievement; Name of the Artifact: Visual Thinking Mind Map Date: October 25, 2021 Course: EDU250 W65-Introduction to Technology in Education Rationale: I have included this artifact under standard IPTS 3N: accesses and uses a wide range of information and instructional technologies to enhance a student’s ongoing growth and achievement. I feel this artifact belongs under this standard because it involves the use of mind maps to organize a wide range of information using instructional technologies to help with student growth and learning. For this artifact I read an article and created a mind map to organize topics and subtopics of the main important ideas of the article for students to read and learn about the ISTE standards. I came to understand how digital mind maps are a great source to organize main ideas and subtopics of articles. I will strive to enrich the lives of all my students and enhance the classroom climate by assigning mind map activities for students to work on in the classroom to help organize main ideas of articles and enhance their growth using technology.