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Writing:Letters/Emails (уч.Starlight 10.Unit 1.9.,) by Mind Map: Writing:Letters/Emails  
(уч.Starlight 10.Unit 1.9.,)
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Writing:Letters/Emails (уч.Starlight 10.Unit 1.9.,)

Informal Letters

informal greeting

Dear Mary,

Dear Dad,

an intruduction

How is it going?

How are you?


main subjects

a conclusion

I'd better to go.


Semi-formal letters

Formal greeting

informal endings

Yours+full name

a respectful tone

pronouns shouldn't be omitted

Idioms should be used carefully

Formal letters

sent to people in official position

an intruduction, I'm writing to apply for...

a formal greeting

Dear Sir,/Dear Madam,

A conclusion

I look forward to hearing from you..., A formal ending

Инструкции по написанию письма