Artemisia Gentileschi, Judith Slaying Holofernes

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Artemisia Gentileschi, Judith Slaying Holofernes by Mind Map: Artemisia Gentileschi,   Judith Slaying Holofernes

1. When I first met, I felt that this painting must have its own story and dramatic

1.1. Value

1.1.1. Chiaroscuro Strong contrast ‘Light and dark’

1.2. contrast

1.2.1. background pitch-black background light are concentrated

1.3. Shallow space

1.3.1. Three Characters not much perceivable distant

1.3.2. the background close to subjects and characters

1.3.3. emphasizing the drama

1.4. Tenebrism

1.4.1. Important details face and hands illuminated by high light

1.4.2. makes the scene look theatrical horrifying

1.4.3. create a focus add drama

1.5. Proportion

1.5.1. Only characters have colors Judith orange yellow /golden Abra deep blue Holofernes red

1.5.2. only things have color Clothes of charaters The charaters The bed with Holofernes

1.6. Radial balance

1.6.1. implied diagonal line lead the eyes to

2. Visual effects-Judith and Abra are stronger than Holofernes

2.1. Holofernes

2.1.1. lying in bed with his blood color

2.1.2. Implied line from torso to leg diagonal line

2.2. Judith

2.2.1. Surrounding location left sides cloths / skirts color

2.2.2. Implied line from head to hand diagonal

2.2.3. action left hand Holofernes Pulling the hair Both hand Raise the sleeves right hand hold on the sword

2.2.4. Face emotion stronger

2.3. Abra

2.3.1. surrounding location middle cloths/ skirts deep blue

2.3.2. Implied line from head to hand straight line

2.3.3. Action Two hands pressed Holofernes Raise the sleeves

2.4. contrast

2.4.1. background pitch-black background light are concentrated

3. Judith's maid Abra is helping Judith

3.1. dress

3.1.1. maid dress deep blue saturated but dark

3.2. Hair

3.2.1. brown colour Wrapped in white Hair accessories

4. Judith's temptation

4.1. dress

4.1.1. reveal & sexy a little bit showed breasts deep yellow

4.2. Hair

4.2.1. golden brown elaborately curled

4.3. depict

4.3.1. heroic and fearless

5. painting realistic forms and qualities

5.1. texture

5.1.1. Abra 's hair hair accessory resembles wrinkles

5.1.2. Judith 's skirt with the sleeves up silk, soft

5.1.3. The sword Shiny, glossy texture

5.1.4. The cloths Soft fur trim

5.1.5. The red and white velvet fabric slippery, shiny, and soft

5.1.6. The bed sheets and mattress similar textures as one would see in real life

5.2. blood on Holofernes’ neck

5.2.1. spurt out not obvious but realistic

5.3. photorealism / cubism

5.3.1. Vivid naturalistic pose

5.4. Chiaroscuro

5.4.1. Strong contrast ‘Light and dark’ finely blended

5.4.2. Relistic form

6. Holofernes’s head was the main point

6.1. Psychic Line

6.1.1. The Looking Direction Judith and her maid

6.1.2. Judith and her maid both hand towards to

6.2. Judith’s goal

6.2.1. act being in control. resembles power

6.2.2. Judith beheaded Holofernes cut off his head holding the sword

6.3. Center

7. Judith look stronger

7.1. Both hand

7.1.1. Right hand hold a sword longer & vertically

7.1.2. roll up sleeves showing arms look

7.1.3. Left hand presses down Holofernes’s head

7.2. Face emotion

7.2.1. looks a sense of oppression strong

7.3. Judith’s arms

7.3.1. spray jets of blood

7.4. her wrist

7.4.1. showed physical strength required

7.5. Implied line

7.5.1. from head to hand diagonal realistic positioning of the body