USB Thumb drives

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USB Thumb drives by Mind Map: USB Thumb drives

1. Implemented

1.1. Store data

1.1.1. Digital Media

1.1.2. Back ups

1.1.3. Notes and Documents

1.2. Fashion Accessories

1.2.1. USB Watches

1.2.2. Key Chain

1.3. Portable Soft wares

1.3.1. Portable Fire fox

1.3.2. Password Manager to access every web site online

1.3.3. Instant server

1.3.4. Portable OS Ability to turn any work station in school into your work environment Reduce the need for bringing laptops

1.4. Back ups

1.4.1. Instant Software Deployment

1.4.2. Cloning of hard disk

2. Could be implemented

2.1. Virtual Machine

2.1.1. a place to execute suspicious files

2.2. Digital keys

2.2.1. Pros Encryption Code could be changed often for security Lost of Keys could be dealt with easily Allow people to enter by emailing encryption code One key needed for loads of doors Cheap ?

2.2.2. Cons Batteries needed to open lock Door interface might be pricey

2.3. Add On Functions

2.3.1. USB Graphics Card

2.3.2. USB Additional Virtual Ram

2.3.3. USB Speakers

2.3.4. USB Microphone

2.4. Indestructible USB Casing

2.4.1. Water proof ? Divers

2.4.2. Military Use