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Sept 27th - 4 Fashion Retail and Consumer Behavior Session by Mind Map: Sept 27th - 4 Fashion
 Retail and Consumer
Behavior  Session
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Sept 27th - 4 Fashion Retail and Consumer Behavior Session

4. history and future of fashion shopping

Long term development of fashion in Europe (from 2002 on) Latest development 1st half year 2012 vs last year Development online Retail concentration Internationalisation retail Multichannel and Social media  

Koen Snoeren

New Business Development Manager

GfK Panel Services Benelux



consumer panels

A fast changing world Fashion facts The future in fashion

world is changing fast

consumer wants certainty

consumer confidence is below 0

fashion facts

value of fashion is lower then in 2002

hardly a growth

consumer market in fashion declines

fashion is about clothing, not, designers, glossy magazines, celberities, gen x, they need to be dressed

who spends money on fashion, 40% of all fashion is boigh by people > 50

old group is aging, more important, a new generation, buy more cloths


spending, families spens less on cloths, youngster spend less on cloths more on other stuff like phones

independants are dissapearing

concentration in fashion retailer, not so interantional, there is no 1 big retailer whose present in all EU countries, promotion, most is sold in promo 40/ 50%

online, Germany >40% is online sold, italy/ spain is behind, due to internet access


1 junctions, shoppign centre > multi fucntional, experience, cinema, leisure

2 shopping where you are, where is the client, online

3 new ret@il, both, online, offline

4 co shopping, socialmedia, consult, fans, followers, friends, review mktng

5 healthy grey, elderly people, clear demands


create loyal customers and become relevant

Client relevance in retail is the ability to have always the right product at the right place available for the right person on the right moment. This during the whole customer journey

3. New Consumers, New Retail

Isabel Cantista

Managing Partner

Fast Forward Innovation




luxury products

registered consumer

retailing of a lifestyle, wine, electronic devices

started in 2011

> 15 mln users

6100 new register

150k products a day

sending 74k packages per day

demographics, 503 mln people


young people

decide via the web what to buy

New node

pop-up stores

temporary stores, In 2005 in Eu, ass. for temp stores

such as, LV, Nike

offer limited/ exclusive

test market

not huge investment

offer experience

exhibition/ event

examples, store becomes a black box

C&A convergence means


shop online

operational terms

see in store, life catelogue

buy online

no, stocks, mark down

what does cosumer want

time, not much time, take to much time

value, info

fun, amusement

As a cultural phenomenon FASHION has infinite possibilities


mix, blogs, showrooms, press, books, reading books, catwalks, painting, products, video, fashion flms, shops, lifestyles

show music products

2. loyalty & relevancy

Shubhankar Ray

Global Brand Director

G-Star RAW



size isnt everything, big are not gonna win

attention economy, all fashion cool & fast

context is king, one channel

think & feel: product RAW

property in DNA

inherinting denim


inspiration, industrial instead of fashion

hypenation, differentiation, never ending production line, unexepected, make new out of old, well differenriated

gstart = raw, uncut, unprocessed, pure, denim, unwashed, riged, beautiful

fobidden combi's, authentics, unexptected, modern, only 20 years old, metro denim industry

3d denim design, cross over product, elwood launched 1996, 12 mln pairs, 2009 Arc, like a car designer

denim = core

mass customization

everyone want to be treathed as single person

raw tailored, in store, change buttons, put name on

high fashion > denim

elevating denim to high fashion

passion for product

high fashion

tokyo design week, where next to car makers, nike, high concept

shanghai world expo, magnet by liv tyler in mids of shoppign centre

new york fashion

bread & butter berlin

relevance in art world

send a 72 yr old actor on the catwalk for a younth brand, dennis hopper


photgraphed anton corbijn

people, liv tyler, magnus carlson, vincent gallo, unexpected choices, clear idenitity

product campaign

people as media, payed to wear vs what they wear in private time, people push products, you cant buy the celebs buy and wear it, it will be advertised

new digital platform


$2.2 bln turnover

flagship stores

multiplatform, flagship store, qstore, franchise, local expertise, nog 100% gstart, shop-in-shop, ecommerce, endcommerce, synergy between bricks & clicks


macro > micro



energie & momentum


inbetween model

has other stores

franchisee partner, 60% gstar, 3 or 4 other brand

independant name

different market for men and women

masculine brand, men stuff

women bough: smaller sizes for them

then women line

opening women only shop

show differs from others

it was infotainment

info mixed with entertainment

electric charge

invited the bloggers

have lots of followers

different mentality then other brands do


1. New Age Branding Strategy (Benetton India – case study)

Sanjeev Mohanty

Managing Director

Benetton India Pvt Ltd.



india interesting market, 1.2 bln people, 35 countries in one, 600+ tv channels, 70000 newspapers, worlds largest, democracy, pool of scientist

consumer paradox, tier 1 city, lot of contast, many headed, bicycle class vs business class

consumer profile, Teen Riches, Dudes & Dudettes, Rural Affluent Folks, Call Centre Boomers, New age Entrepreneurs, Young Professionals, Double income No kids, The young and the restless, Golden Folks in high spirits

2 mindsets, traditional TIM, value seeker, emerging EIM, succes seeking, great hope

beliefs, limiting, diff regions diff taste, big paradox, no viable, urban poor & rural rich, big opportunity, liberating, mass reach of, tv, internet, focus on mobile, tier 2/3 towns boomtowns, Chandigarh , Ludhiana, Sholapur, franchisee model, tech savy people

usages, internet via mobile, tablet, smartphone, iphone not so big, socialmedia, facebook: 50 mln users, twitter: 13 mln, linkedin: 14 mln, google+, 2nd largest user base after USA


one of 1st brands

top 3 prefferend brands

400+ stores


welcome to the live mind mapping stream

Mind Mapped by Alexis van Dam from Connection of Minds

This mind map will be live updated during the keynotes and forum

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contents will be noted in main and subtopics

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Fashion Retail

Consumer Behavior Session


Ken Watson


Industry Forum


left brain is always right

the new consumer

americans in london

speed, 1 year 100 mln users of google+, ipads, apps, 3 year old childs: can use an ipad, cannot read or write, from pc to socialmedia, how many CEO's are provicient in socialmedia, apps, 10 bln apps jan11, 15 bln apps in 6 months in jun11, 75 apps for evry iOS user in 6 months, Fran & Jane, gps enable coupon, get them in the store,, generate traffic, 150k/ 200k a day, innovative marketing, design own dress, 45 days, 300k+ designed own dress, facebook page, 324k likes, im not a plastic bag

blogs & tweets, London Fashion Week (LFW), new african consumer, fast growing market, South Africa, huge grow rates, New node

china, convidence fallen signifantly, consumes less, is big, luxury consumption, $6.5 bln, growth rate is huge, burberry growth slowed down in china, BCG decline of wester isnt inevitable, new ways, competition, chinese in england, study there, go to china, buy english brands in china

keynote speaker

Magdalena Kondej

Global Head of Apparel Research

Euromonitor International



around the world, consumer is king, understanding consumers, 2011 best year, higher growth than 5 years ago, volume terms, 1.7 trillion dollars, people spend more on food than on cloths, overal picture is good, regional performance, West European, slowed down, neg growth 2012, consumers cautious in spending, USA, sharper decline during recession, pos growth since 2010, 3% in 2011, Middle East & afrika, social turmoil, Japan, neg growth, BRICS, drive global growth, per capita spend, BRICs, the west is highest spenders, > $1000, jeans, Europe €43, East eu: 26, asia: 16, China, in 2016, $114 bln, will overtake US, its not an easy markt, difficult to get it rigth, brands, luxury, do well, value for money, do well, brands, struggling to attract consumers, some brands are to, bold, plain, chinese taste, femine/ girly, adapt to that, sizing, petite, align to chinese figures, ecommerce, online envorn dominated by local players, asia pacific, hk, india, undbranded > branded, zara is growing, GAP, indonesia, maleisia, thailand


Europe demographics, 3 trends, 1 women are giviing birth later, impact on apparel, less babies, less clotehs for kids, more money per child, lucury brands, D&G, 2 Eu consumers are aging, older buy less apparel, older consunmers have diff lifestyle, have income, care about, health, appearance, 3 pop growth slows, higher values, consumer willing to pay for it, Eu big 4, Germ, Uk, France, Italy, 2012, > 40 yr, luxury market, lower just aspiration, > 65 yr, more, 2016, concerns, 15-19 youth, will become, odler, richer, 35-49 middle aged consumer, move, higher income, older, EVOLVING CONSUMER PERCEPTION OF QUALITY, VALUE AND LUXURY, New consumer more demanding, price concious, informed, red laser app, best prince, smartphone, need for convenience, easy return, sustainability, rent/ share cloths, M&S swapping, donating cloths, when buy new ones, quality, better quality items, value, product quality more important than price, affordable qual, private label, tesco example, future, shop for cloths, experience, power of instore environment, internet retailing, 2016, $45 bln, cross channeling, mobile, 85% of world pop has mobile phones, 32% has inernet access


geographical expansion

cater tolocal preference

adressing need od older consumers

embrace tech & social aspects