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Feudalism by Mind Map: Feudalism

1. Clergy

1.1. Rights

1.1.1. levied taxes

1.1.2. collected the church taxes

1.2. Environment

1.2.1. lived among the people of the manor in their own houses

1.3. Responsibilities

1.3.1. oversee the spiritual life of the people on the manor

1.3.2. administer the necessary sacraments

1.3.3. absolve people of their sins for the act of confession

2. Nobles

2.1. Rights

2.1.1. money from those living on his land

2.2. Envirionment

2.2.1. owned their own land and had authority over those living on it

2.3. Responsisbilites

2.3.1. raise troops and command them in the field

2.3.2. hold his own courts of justice

2.3.3. coined his own money

3. King

3.1. Rights

3.1.1. The king had all the rights

3.2. Environment

3.2.1. large estates

3.2.2. castles

3.3. Responsibilities

3.3.1. administering laws

3.3.2. collect taxes from the people

4. Knights

4.1. Rights

4.1.1. receiving double rations when prisoners of war

4.1.2. never having to submit to torture after trial, unless condemned to death

4.1.3. claiming a year's delay when a creditor wished to seize their land

4.2. Environment

4.2.1. lived in a house on the lord's manor

4.3. Responsibilities

4.3.1. protecting their vassals

4.3.2. protecting their lord

5. Peasants

5.1. Rights

5.1.1. They had few rights, they were similar to slaves but they couldn't be traded or sold

5.2. Environment

5.2.1. Lived on manors

5.3. Responsibilities

5.3.1. Worked on the manor

5.3.2. Payed taxes for living on the manor

5.3.3. Payed a church tithe