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Feudalism by Mind Map: Feudalism

1. Knights

1.1. Environment

1.1.1. On their fiefs they've recieved

1.1.2. Fiefs given on Manor land

1.2. Responsibility

1.2.1. Required to defend the land

1.2.2. Protect the weak and poor With Force (Sword, Horse)

1.2.3. Required to show virtue and honour Chivalry Code of Conduct created by the Clergy

1.2.4. Oath of Fealty

1.3. Rights

1.3.1. Recieving fiefs for defending land

1.3.2. Jousting Tournaments

2. Clergy

2.1. Environment

2.1.1. New node

2.1.2. Often lived in or around the church

2.1.3. Church usually in a central area

2.2. Responsibility

2.2.1. Care for the Spiritual Life of others

2.2.2. Direct proceeds to the Nobles and use some for the Church

2.2.3. Keep everyone unified

2.3. Rights

2.3.1. Allowed to tax other people for the church

2.3.2. Change something in the Manor if need be

3. Nobility

3.1. Environment

3.1.1. Lived on the King's Land

3.1.2. Sheltered by the King's estates

3.1.3. Lived in or around the Manor often

3.2. Responsibility

3.2.1. Protect the King and land during time's of war

3.2.2. Listen to the King's orders

3.2.3. Tax the lower classes

3.3. Rights

3.3.1. Given land for being loyal

3.3.2. Give land to Vassals

3.3.3. Give orders to anyone of a lower class

4. Peasants

4.1. Environment

4.1.1. Lived around a Manor in a village limited to 30 families

4.1.2. Small crowded cottages

4.2. Responsibility

4.2.1. They had a responsibility to the Lord who's manor they were on

4.2.2. Generating income for their Lord

4.2.3. Caring for the Lord's animals

4.2.4. Paying Tax on all Grain

4.2.5. Doing whatever the lord says

4.3. Rights

4.3.1. Not legally allowed to leave the Manor area

4.3.2. Allowed farming and protection

4.3.3. Farming Crops Livestock

4.3.4. Weddings could only take place with the Lord's approval

5. King

5.1. Environment

5.1.1. Owned all of the land, but 1/4 was his personal property

5.1.2. Lived in a Castle often

5.2. Responsibility

5.2.1. Lease land to Nobles

5.2.2. Hire knights

5.2.3. Go to war with other Kings

5.2.4. Keep his land protected

5.3. Rights

5.3.1. Grant land

5.3.2. Hire Knights

5.3.3. Give Lord's manors (Nobility)