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Feudalism by Mind Map: Feudalism

1. Pope

2. Clergy

2.1. Enviroment

2.1.1. Top of medieval society

2.1.2. Lived life of luxury and opulence

2.2. Respinsibilities

2.2.1. Administer necessary sacraments with regularity and consistency

2.2.2. absolve men and woman of sins through confession

2.3. Rights

2.3.1. Was as free as could be

3. Peasents

3.1. Enviroment

3.1.1. Lord's Manor

3.2. Responsibilites

3.2.1. Are the workers and the providers for community

3.2.2. worked three days a week, unless harvest time

3.3. Rights

3.3.1. Very little

3.3.2. subjected to will of lord

4. Nobles

4.1. Enviroment

4.1.1. Owner of own land

4.1.2. No aggression with other lords

4.1.3. Elegant clothes, big castles

4.2. Responsibilites

4.2.1. Had to care for own land, but hired people to do it for them

4.3. Rights

4.3.1. Free in his person and in his possessions

4.3.2. Could do anything with his land or people that settled on it

5. Knights

5.1. Enviroment

5.1.1. Castles on bug estates

5.1.2. Rode horse and carried sword

5.2. Responsibilities

5.2.1. Had to protect the weak and the poor

5.2.2. Participated in Medieval tournaments

5.2.3. Display virtues of chivalry

5.3. Rights

5.3.1. Free tin his own person and his possessions, but limited to obligations to lord

6. King